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Sports Club Rebuild

As part of our commitment to supporting improved access to sports facilities for citizens of all ages, we will be entirely rebuilding the main sports club complex located in the heart of the city. The rebuild will include a new sports field, swimming pool, restaurant and stadium. You can see all the major milestones of the build below, along with a live status update of where we're up to, plus any issues currently affecting the build.

Milestones and Updates
> Project complete (by 29th December 2014)
> Final inspections (by 15th December 2014)
> Interior fit-out (by 30th November 2014)
      - Inspection passed, interior fit-out completed on time and to budget
> Stadium build complete
      - All seats in place, capacity confirmed at 8512 people
      - 2 week delay as a result of seat shortages (supplier issues)
> Restaurant complete
      - Floorplan adjusted to include larger kitchen
> Swimming pool complete
      - Pool complete and open to the public

Live Issues
No issues reported at this time
Project Lead:
Kim Tibass
Head of Recreational Facilities

Contact Kim Tibass
Live Status:

Tramway System

Using funds from the federal government, we have embarked on an ambitious project to build a tramway system connecting the main corridor of the CBD.

Milestones and Updates
> Project complete (by 15th March 2016)
> Public opening (by 14th March 2016)
> Final tests of track (by 30th January 2016)
> Trains arrive from Korea
> Trackwork completed
> Tracks laid
> Clearing complete
> Path identified and isolated
      - Path has been cleared and remaining buildings scheduled for demolition
> Route confirmed
      - Route has been selected and passed by planning commission

Live Issues
Delay from planning commission has resulted in 2 month setback in timelines (adjusted above).
Project Lead:
Pul Stoker
Director of Infrastructure

Contact Pul Stoker
Live Status:

CBD Refurbishment

A key election promise was the redevelopment of the main CBD Zones with the aim of attracting additional investment and building the profile of the city as an attractive business destination.

Milestones and Updates
> Marketing campaign kicked off (by 15th March 2015)
> Citywide parties held for opening (by 15th March 2015)
> Zone C (Riverside) complete (by 25th January 2015)
> Zone B (Museum Square) complete (by 28th December 2014)
> Zone A (Parklands) complete (by 10th November 2014)
> Planning process complete (by 25th July 2014)
> Contractors for rebuild selected (by 15th March 2014)
      - Contract awarded to BuildItQuick Pty Ltd
> Citizen feedback gained
      - All feedback collected and available on website

Live Issues
No issues reported at this time
Project Lead:
Teri Pavlou
Head of Zoning

Contact Teri Pavlou
Live Status:

E-Voting System

As we move towards a fully digital city infrastructure, we will be implementing an e-voting system for all elections and other major city wide projects requiring citizen participation.

Milestones and Updates
> System ready for January elections (by 1st January 2014)
      - Systems live and ready
> Testing complete (by 1st December 2013)
      - Testing has been signed off by external auditor
> Development complete (by 1st November 2013)
      - All work streams have been completed with no issues
> Specifications signed off (by 1st July 2013)
      - Despite setback in planning process, specs have been signed off on-time

Live Issues
No issues reported at this time
Project Lead:
Nea Loss
Digital Champion

Contact Nea Loss
Live Status:

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