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Kim Tibass
Head of Recreational Facilities

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Responsible for all aspects of the city's sports, leisure and recreational facilities.

1) Deliver Sports Club Rebuild by 31st December 2014
76% - On Track
As part of our commitment to supporting improved access to sports facilities for citizens of all ages, we will be entirely rebuilding the main sports club complex located in the heart of the city. The rebuild will include a new sports field, swimming pool, restaurant and stadium.
2) Drive awareness of city parklands by 31st December 2014
45% - On Track
Use various marketing channels to increase awareness of the parklands and the sporting facilities available in the city.
3) Relocate 'Hungry Meerkats' soccer-team to new stadium by 31st December 2014
45% - Behind
As part of the stadium rebuild, a separate project is running to move our beloved Meerkats to their new home in the newly built stadium.
Tixomamode Reza
Head of Sustainability

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Responsible for all creating a sustainable, green city for all of us.

1) Replace metal bins with new style models by 31st July 2014
Complete replacement of metal bins with new models which allow segmenting of all recyclables.
2) Reduce landfill to 20% of city waste by 31st December 2014
45% - On Track
Various programmes to reduce waste destined for landfills, see our separate website for more information.
Nea Loss
Digital Champion

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Responsible for championing projects that digitise our city.

1) Deliver E-Voting System by 31st January 2014
Launch a new online e-voting system for all city elections.
2) Reduce paper use in city offices by 50% by 1st November 2014
67% - On Track
Deliver a significant reduction in paper usage through various initiatives in all city locations.
3) Launch school digital awareness campaign by 1st July 2014
90% - On Track
Visit all schools in the city for discussions and presentations around how they can educate students on the benefits of digital communication.
Pul Stoker
Director of Infrastructure

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Responsible for all infrastructure including roads, rail, trams and buses.

1) Launch Tramway System by 15th March 2016
30% - Behind
Build a tramway system connecting the main corridor of the CBD.
2) Investigate opportunities to reduce congestion by 30% by 31st December 2014
45% - On Track
Consult with experts to understand what opportunities exist to reduce traffic congestion by a minimum of 30%.
Teri Pavlou
Head of Zoning (part-time)

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Responsible for projects impacting the various zoning types (residential/commercial/industrial) of the city.

1) Deliver CBD Refurbishment 15th March 2015
64% - On Track
Redevelopment of the main CBD Zones with the aim of attracting additional investment and building the profile of the city as an attractive business destination.
2) Agree new city boundary by 15th March 2017
31% - Behind
Work with neighbouring cities to establish redesign of city boundary and associated changes to cost allocations.

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